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gerd or gallbladder ?

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have i simply got EXTREME gerd or gallbladder issues

symptoms chronic gerd, like extreme!!!
the most constant ache and sick feeling in my tummy 24/7, the pain is intense!!
ache and stabblike pains in stoamch and back, and shoulders
ache pain in rght shoulder, and get dull ache in my right arm and hand tingly
pain under sternum
extreme nausea when i eat or just whenever
yellowish stools
sometimes soft stools but moslty ok.
constant buping and hiccups, belching etc all the time throughout the day, even after water.
extremely sore tummy when in bed really painful, go to sleep with it and wake up with it

had endoscope, and cat scan, blood tests, stool test
results slight inflamation in stomach milld
gallbladder is congested scarred gallstones
no hernias or ulcers

am on somox (prevacid) have treid protonix didnt do much and have started on somox PPI, twice a day for reflux........

i just feel so ill and in lots of pain the neusea is horrible and the stomach aches are really bad...........

I eat extremely well, gluten free for years, i eat organic lots of vegies and fruit, no junk food at all. very little achocol, low fat and take vitamins, calcium etc,,,,,,

should i get my deaseased gallbladder out
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