I haven't had any sexual contact, at all, in going on 7 years now. This is not an exaggeration. It was initially by choice, I just lost interest in pursuing females, and after a while it became more of a lifestyle thing (not necessarily voluntarily all the time).

Honestly, I broke off contact with a lot of friends of both sexes after having a hard couple of years getting a decent job. However, this New Year's, an old friend visited town and contacted me and asked if I'd like to hang out, catch up with him, and go to a stripclub. I've decided that after the last 6 solid years of not having sex nor dating and just working and sleeping I need something more in my life, and as I've gotten older and found myself with a peer group consisting of ever more and more parents, I have found the idea of having a family appealing for the first time ever. The only problem is that I've been out of the game so long that I'm more than a bit “rusty.” I agreed to go with him to the stripclub, being that it is a new year I wanted to start things off by forcing myself out my comfort zone.

That night we both treated ourselves and each other to a ton of lapdances, so many that my crotch was literally sore the next morning from girls dancing on it. And also, there was no inappropriate backroom stuff, just lapdances. The dancers all had on thong/bikini bottoms. 1-3 days later a little bump appeared on my penis, just below the head. I initially didn't think much of it because I've had skin problems all my life. In a weeks time, the bump had grown into what seemed to be an almost large pimple with a white head. I popped it and put antibiotics on it. I didn't start worrying until maybe a week or so later, when it still hadn't gone down any. I started researching online anything that it might be, I saw that there was a “Vinegar Test” to see if it was a genital wart. I wrapped my penis in a paper towel soaked in vinegar for 10 minutes and took it off, and there was no “whiteness” indicating that it was a wart. I also dripped vinegar on it as well and nothing happened. I started getting more aggressive with it, cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol and vinegar for good measure, and also putting neosporin on it as well as campho-phenique and bandaiding it. When nothing seemed to work I became frustrated and got a pair of tweezers and then pulled on it pretty hard, and it ended up cutting open and bleeding.

Afterwards, I treated it with more neosporin and campho-phenique and it finally started shrinking. Only problem was that there was a little scar that seemed to be developing. After it had healed I began putting Mederma on it and scar strips. That was maybe around the 4th of February.

Then around a week later a hard under the skin bump developed on the underside of my penis virtually overnight. Whatever it was seemed to be deep under the skin, and very solid. I treated it with antibiotics and campho-phenique for about 5 days and then, because it stayed the exact same size, became desperate. Last week, Tuesday-Thursday I put Compound W on it. On Friday I decided to try to “pop” it by sticking a thoroughly disinfected needle into it and then squeezing. I realized then that some of the skin looked like it was falling off, and didn't seem to be able to squeeze out any juice. Saturday, I soaked everything in Applecider vinegar for quite a while. By Sunday, it looked like more of the skin was coming off. I realize now that it looks like there might now be a potentially even worse scar than the original one (which was seeming to show some considerable improvement with mederma). Right now, the second hard spot is still there on the underside of my penis (sans the skin I lost), and if it has gotten any smaller it isn't noticeable.

I've got a doctor's appointment coming up in the middle of march, and if it hasn't gotten any better I guess I'll have to ask for a referal to a specialist. I had just had a couple extremely expensive doctors visits near the end of last year, and I've had some negative experiences in the past which really put me off of going to doctors.

Any assistance that can be given is appreciated. I imagine that I should be depressed by the prospect of possibly contracting a lifelong std during a nearly 7 year abstinent period from a single desperate visit to a stripclub, but right now I'm feeling pretty numb to be honest. I don't even know if that was just a coincidence or if this is an std.

Does this seem to be an std, and if so which one? Is there any solution for the scars? Is there anything that I can do myself for it?

Medical information: I started taking blood pressure medicine (losartan) around mid November. About 9 years ago, I took Lexapro and had an allergic reaction to it which caused me to lose a lot of sensitivity to my penis, be unable to ejaculate, and also develop a rash on the head of my penis, all symptoms stopped after I quit taking it.
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replied March 14th, 2015
Welcome to e health forum.

It is possible that a simple hair follicular infection might have progressed into a abscess within the scrotum.

This is not related to any STD, but most likely due to bacterial cause.

You might be benefited by consulting your doctor who can examine you and provide proper treatment and advice.
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