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genital warts and treatments that worked for me!

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I'm writing my story here I guess, because when I first found out I had warts I desperately searched the web for all the information I could find. I wish I knew then what I know now and so I hope this helps someone out with their genital warts nightmare!
So I'm 22 yrs old and I first found out I had genital warts about 2 yrs ago. At first there was only one small wart which just looked like a razor bump and so I ignored it hoping it would go away on its own. DON'T DO THIS!! It soon got way worse and multiplied especially after I irritated them wondering what the hell they were. Even if you think it's probably nothing just go to the docs anyway just in case it is. If I had gone, my constant battle with them for the last two years would have been way less work! I was just embarrassed which seems so stupid now because the docs see this all the time. One thing I found from the internet was that soo many people are going through this. It's hard to get accurate information, but I found somewhere on the web that nearly 80% of people will come into contact with HPV at some point in their lives. Whilst not everyone who has HPV will develop warts, I see it as simple luck for those that don't and I happen to be one of those unlucky ones!
So when I finally got the courage to go to the docs, I had about 4 warts which were growing in size. My first doctors visit was very scary but I got treatment to take home. I had an ointment which I was supposed to apply every night with small cotton buds which they supply. I can't remember the name now but it was useless. Maybe it would have worked if I kept up with it but the bottle was tiny and it ran out in a few days! This meant I had to go brave another embarrassing doctors visit; however, even after a few refills I showed no improvement and was miserable. After doctors constantly prescribing only these stupid ointments, I gave in for a while and they made me feel really low. I found myself thinking about them all the time and it affected a lot of aspects of my life.
They got really bad at this point, I think at one stage I probably had maybe 20-25 scattered around the top of thighs. I went back to the doctors finally and I demanded another treatment. I had freezing done and yeah it is a little painful but defiantly bearable. Since they were so bad, I went for about 5/6 sessions, once a week. It did leave scars for a little bit but after a few weeks there was no visible sign of the treatment. They greatly reduced in size and number and it shows improved very quickly. So I strongly suggest going for freezing especially if you have more than a few. You just have to brave being in an awkward position with the doc. After these sessions, I had about 10 which were much smaller in size as well.
My doctor finally referred me to a gynaecologist after I demanded to be. (Defiantly do this as they are sooo much more knowledge and understanding than family doctors. I went through a few doctors before this who weren't especially helpful, however, just do what I did and switch doctors. Yeah it means having a few more examinations but having a doctor who is understanding and knows what they are doing is worth it. I'm now quite comfortable for examinations even with new doctors.)
Anyways, the gynaecologist prescribed me aldara. It's a cream you take home and apply 3 times a week in the evening and wash it off in the morning. Luckily I have a drug plan because he warned me it was expensive. It's really quick and easy to use rather than the ointment which was fiddly and time consuming. I wasn't religious about sticking to the 3 set days a week. I skipped a few days or did two days in a row now and again. It does leave read marks where they used to be for a while but these do go away. I have gone through 2 refills (the gyaeno gave me a prescription for 3 refills rather than the family doctors who make you go back every time and expect an examination). Aldara is supposed to change the way your immune system reacts to warts and I really believe it works. After a month, I'm now down to one wart which is tiny and at the rate they have been going should be gone in a week probably. After that, I'm waiting for one or two red marks to disappear and then I will finally be comfortable wearing a bikini again!
Sorry for the essay but hope some of it helps. Yes to freezing and aldara! If the docs try and give you ointments/creams other than the aldara, I strongly suggest you ask for sometime else. The main thing I learnt from this experience is not to be afraid of the docs. I'm no longer embarrassed about any visits and will ask for the treatment I want.
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replied February 7th, 2013
Hi im just starting out on aldara yesterday was my second treatment. Im just wondering how quickly you noticed the warts going down in size? I know it varies for person to person but im just trying to get some idea. Thanks
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