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my boyfriend was just diagnosed with genital warts. i suspect that i have them as well. i have been doing research on the internet and i have read that eventually the immune system will fight the virus and in most cases the immune system can suppress the virus. does that mean that it would be unlikely for me to pass on the virus without symptoms present in years down the road? will i always have this for the rest of my life and if me and my boyfriend break up have to explain this situation to everyone i plan to have an intimate relationship with?

question 2: i have been a smoker for 5 years and in the recent months i have noticed swelling of my jaw lymph nodes. when i dont smoke it really is not a problem. when i do for long periods of time i notice that they swell and hurt as well. could this mean that i have developed some type of allergy to cigarettes? could it be something more severe? my worst fear is getting something like lymphoma (i have been trying to quit) would electronic cigarettes be a healthier alternative? thank you for reading and thank you for responding (if you do)
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replied July 21st, 2011
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answer for question 1 only:

i don't think there's a guarantee that you will never pass the virus on. there's always the possibility. however, you should have yourself tested if you really have HPV, as well as your boyfriend. if you are both tested positive, go treat yourself immediately (i used Wartscide in my case) and boost up your immune system with vitamins. it's important to keep the warts from coming back. if ever the two of you broke up, i think your new partner deserves to know your condition.
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