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I have over the past few years, found a few spots in my genital area. However i put this down to having a reaction to shaving when i first started.
Over the past couple of months, i found one spot however that appeared more as a bump. It was reddy/purpely and burst, causing it to bleed a little. After this it seemed to go down for a while.
However i have been sexually active this past month or so, and have found, especially over the last few days or so, that this "bump/spot" has come back again. It seems to be increasing with size, and is painful to touch, although will not burst. Do you have any idea what it is?
Also i have had increased itching around my entrance, that is also painful as well. I have no idea if they are connected.
My partner and were both virgins before hand, so im almost positive that its not a STD, but am beginning to worry slightly, as this has gone on for a couple of days now.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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