I am from Bangladesh(South Asia). Age: 26 and Married.

Before marry I had abnormal vaginal discharge. I got marry at September 2012 and after few months I had contacted bleeding & irregular period. Then I met doctor and the doctor found a growth in my cervix. After taking biopsy of that growth, found out Tuberculosis.

Then I took anti TB drugs for 8.5 months. After that I had blocks into my cervix. Then doctor suggested me for the laproscopy surgery.

Operational Note of the surgery:
- All the pelvic structures were burried under adhesion.
- Uterus was normal size.
- Both the ovaries were burred under adhesion.
- Ovaries were normal sized and healthy looking.
- Tubes were adherent with omentum and also adherent with each other.
- Fimbriated with end of the both tubes were coagulated and blurt.

Note: Cervical os was sterosed. During cervical dilatation falls tract was created. There cervix was cut upto internal os & again dilated. Chromopertubation was done & dye didn't enter into any tubes.
A CU - T was inserted. Cervix was repaired.

After Surgery:
For the regular period doctor advised me to take Premarin & Normins (Estrogen) for 6 to 7 cycles. After that my period became normal and I have stopped the drug. And the period is also became normal.

My current problem:
After surgery and still now my abnormal vaginal discharge is going on. After completing my menstruation cycle(3-4 days later), at morning(sometimes full day) I always notice radish discharge. My doctor gave me mixed drug and colposcopy diagnosis. Colposcopy report is normal. But discharge is continuing. My doctor cannot find out it's actual cause.

Now I am very frustrated and helpless. What should I do???
Please need your fair help.

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replied January 22nd, 2015
Please help me. I am waiting for fair advice.
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