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I am a 35 year old female. I have been prone to illness for my entire life, experiencing an upset stomach almost daily, and getting severe colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, regularly (I have something going on more often than not) as well as boils in my groin area since about age 10. I've also always had a lot of aches and pains, especially in my joints. At 17, I had a lateral release on my left knee due chondromalaysia patella syndrome (?). I experience pain in my lower back, hips, and neck as well, but my knees are so bad some days that it is difficult just to use the bathroom. When I was little, I dislocated my shoulder several times and cannot wear heels because I am prone to rolling my ankles. I continue to experience upset stomach daily and have also been having bouts of fecal incontinence for several years now. I used to take things like prilosec and zantac, but I find that pesto bismol works best and surprisingly does not cause constipation. I have Hashimoto's for which I take 200 mcg of synthroid daily, and I also take generic Lexapro and Buspar for depression and anxiety as well as xyzal and flonase for allergies. The thing is I have a daughter who has the exact same issues. She is very prone to upset stomach, colds, infections, etc and her knees already bother her a lot. She has complained very regularly of what I assumed were growing pains since she was about 4. She just turned 12 and misses a lot of school which concerns me. This is not in our heads. We go to the doctor and get diagnosed with whatever we have. I go to physical therapy for my knees and back, etc. I had just assumed I had a crappy immune system and that I was basically just unlucky, but seeing my daughter experience the same issues has begun to make me wonder if we could both have some genetic disorder or something that ties everything together. I plan to discuss this at an upcoming appointment with my PCP but thought it wouldn't hurt to get other opinions. Plus, I do worry about sounding paranoid and not being taken seriously in the future should I have other issues. So my question is, does this sound normal/non-concerning or does it ring any bells for any genetic diseases or disorders and if so, what would be the next step in finding out if we have something? Thanks!
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