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General question about insurance/coverage re: infertility/prenat

Hello all. This is my first post. Thanks in advanced for reading my post.

Some quick background: My wife and I have received infertility medical care in the form of blood work, 5 artificial insemmination, injections, ultrasound to help us time the IUIs. No IFVs or anything of that nature. My insurance (UHC) covers $18,000 of lifetime infertility services. We are about $600 of reaching the lifetime max. My wife and I just out recently that she is pregnant. We sensed it since she missed her period. We found out about the pregnancy through a home-pregnancy test. It seems like her HcG levels are high. She also is experiencing some early pregnancy symptoms (not morning sickness or anything that extreme, however). Anyhow, we are wondering given at this stage the care we will receive going forward isn't technically infertility care, but rather prenatal/pregnancy care, would we be covered at all?

We live in the US, if that matters at all. Thanks.
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