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Doctor, it is about a month that i have left arm pain around Bursitis. The problem is that the pain is not going away. Sometimes it feels better, sometimes not. I have troubles moving my arm as i did before, like rotating the hand when driving, i mean i can do it but then i feel the pain.
When the pain first started about a month ago, i could not rise my hand or drive with the left hand. Now it is better but it gets worse and better all the time. I am 29 years old, overweight, i am quite active at sports lately if that meters. I also play basketball with my colleagues. I already visited a doctor, she gave me kind of a gel to lubricate the arm and massage it, but it is not helping at all. I would like to get a general answer on what the pain could be, why it is caused and what should i do next.

Thank you in advance.

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