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General health after giving up smoking??

Hi.....Since quitting smoking my body has started to feel like its shutting down????!!?? I get tired easily, aches in my lower back and I've had nose bleeds , rectal bleeding thus I'm left a little confused as I thought that you were supposed to feel better and healthier??? I have been quit for about 4 and a half months this normal with the process of giving up smoking??
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replied October 9th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Congratulations on quitting smoking.

You are not alone, many patients who quit smoking often feel lousy when they quit.

Stopping smoking will eventually lead to better health benefits, but it does take some time for your body to repair the damages that have been done to it.

Also, what have you done besides quitting smoking? If you have decreased your activity levels or taken up unhealthy eating habits, then you sort of defeat the benefits from quitting smoking. Your body also has to go through a period of adjustment. It is no longer getting the jolt of nicotine several times a day. It has to sort of recalibrate itself. And, this can take some time, how much varies between patients.

You will begin to feel better; you just have to hang in there.

Some things that you can try include the following:

> Start an exercise program. It does not have to be strenuous activity. Yoga or tia chi work just as well as a running or sports program.
> Eat a healthy diet. Do not skip meals (ex-smokers tend to skip breakfast); the patient must make an effort to eat small and regular snacks of slowly released sugars, like a small slice of multigrain bread or a bowl of whole-grain cereal. Eat foods like turkey, chicken, pork, pinto beans and red kidney beans, peanuts, mackerel and sardines, as they are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid necessary for serotonin synthesis, which will help elevate your mood. Ex-smokers can experience higher post-lunch somnolence (sleepiness) than others do. A protein meal, especially at lunch, could help in maintaining alertness, that's why you should eat lean meat, fish, eggs and pulse vegetables. Chewing gum (preferable sugar free) also keeps your mind set. At bedtime, quitting has an opposite effect, as it will keep you alert. Roughly 25 % of patients experience sleep disturbances. A hot milky drink before sleeping helps releasing sedative brain chemicals. Chamomile tea can help, due to its gentle sedatives. Avoid caffeine for 4 hours before bed.
> When you feel jittery, taking a hot bath will often relax you. If you have access to a hot tub (Jacuzzi), that is even better.
> Take up a hobby. Get involved in something to keep your mind/hands active and occupied.

Again, congratulations on quitting. Hang in there. It will get better.
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