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General fear, stomach aches, bloating, abnormal heart rate...

I am a 27 year old male that lately have been experiencing all sorts of sensations in my body; before I start with my symptoms I will mention that I had and probably still have streptococcus, I currently have a 5mm kidney stone and hyperactive bladder - for which I haven't started a treatment yet out of fear of what is happening to me recently.
When I eat, basically it started in my teen years, I don't really chew, I eat extremely fast and I had in the past gastritis and duodenal ulcer, I followed a strict regime and treatment for those. At the age of 18-19 or even 20 I started to get a burning sensation in my back (lungs area, near my spine), it used to come and go as it still does right now, I keep having cramps and some strange pain in my right body part, under my ribs, heart is pumping very fast after I eat and I cannot eat almost anything anymore for 2 weeks, I get scared because of it and start shivering all over violently, I can feel my pulse everywhere too and my heart beats, which are very intense and I lay on the ground because of the fear and I start crying, also I can feel some pulsating pain in my brain sometimes and in the past 5-6 days I can feel some sort of cold stream running through my brain arteries.
The pain that I am experiencing its different from any pain Ive experienced before, I burp without eating or drinking any acidic foods, my stomach seems to be full all the time, even though I don't eat, I throw up, I feel like a knot is stuck in my throat and esophagus, I spit a lot of saliva, when I use the toilet not to urinate, for the other thing, it seems like my intestines are ripped out.
I had a pretty sedentary life for the past 4 years, I use the PC a lot, I weight 53kg - 1.70m height, I don't know if this is related but I am mentioning everything I can.
I am terrified of doctors, needles or endoscopy - basically anything that can go inside of me, that's my other problem, I have a generalized fear of everything that is worsening my stomach problems or it might not even be the stomach.
I can provide more information if anything could review this... I know I suffer from anxiety too, but my stomach problem is terrifying me and my heart too.

Thank you very much!
English is not my main language, I hope I have expressed myself clear enough so you can understand me.
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replied January 6th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

First, your English is perfect.

Since you know that you have problems with anxiety, you may need to get that under tighter control. It is a well known fact that GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) can make cardiac and gastrointestinal problems much worse.

Since you do not like invasive procedures, especially ones that would be necessary for further evaluation of the cardiac and GI troubles, you might want to see someone about your anxiety. You may need some counseling and/or medication.

If you get good control of the GAD, you might notice a big improvement in your other symptoms. If so, great. But, if not, then you can at least direct your further treatment and/or evaluations directly at the problem.

Good luck. Hope you find a solution to your troubles.
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