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GCSE Graphics- Stakeholder enquiry

Hello everyone,
I am currently in year 10, doing GCSE graphics. As part of our assessment, I have chosen to design a product that helps connect together people with Alzheimer's and/or encourage social inclusion. I have chosen to focus on people with Alzheimer's because I feel it has a devastating impact on both the patients and their family members. Moreover, people with Alzheimer's feel increasingly isolated or excluded from our society. It would be extremely helpful if you could post any problems people with Alzheimer's face commonly face, suggestions of products that may help fight those problems. As this is a medical forum, it would be very nice to receive any advice on anything specific that I must include or take into consideration when designing a product for patients with Alzheimer's disease, to benefit them a lot. All suggestions are welcomed.Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post. I will really appreciate any suggestions at all.
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