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Gastroparesis? nauseous after eating and very large burps

I have not been diagnosed with gastoparesis, but the doctor did order the test to have it done. Here the story, I got a pretty severe stomach flu about 15 months ago, ever since I have been feeling nauseous after eating and have very large burps, I thought nothing of it and just continued on. In May of this year I went to Hawaii, while I was there my appetite suddenly went away, and I would wake up at night with terrible stomach pains that only felt better after I burped. I returned home to Virginia after 2 weeks in HI only to have the same symptoms and pain. When it continued I figured it was from stress from my June wedding. The Monday my husband and I were supposed to leave on our honeymoon I had stomach pain that was unbearable and we had to cancel our honeymoon. We went to Urgent Care and the doctor said it was probably just stress and from not eating much. We went home with Prilosec and Zofran. I still didn't feel well and spent most nights on the bathroom floor feeling like I was going to throw up. 5 days after I went to the dr. the first time I went to the ER for severe stomach pain and blood in my stool. The ER dr. said it was probably an ulcer, gave me Nexium, Percocet, and to schedule an Endoscopy. I had an Endoscopy (along with an ultrasound of my gallbladder) done 2 weeks later and the doctor said no ulcer and my stomach looked great. When we had our follow up visit the dr suggested that I may have Gastroparesis and ordered the test. My symptoms include stomach pain, bloated stomach, nausea, and severe belching. A word I would use to describe my stomach pain is "sludgy" I don't know that it makes sense, but it feels like thick, undigested junk.Sometimes after only eating chicken broth with crackers. I have lost almost 50 lbs since the middle of May and survive on soft pretzel and popsicles. I spend most of my days in bed. I just want to live like every other 22 year old. So my question is does this sound like your experience with GP or anything else that you may have felt? Thanks for your help.
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replied August 9th, 2011
Things that have help me with my battle with Gastroparesis
Yes, this sounds exactly how I felt prior to being diagnosed with this insidious disorder.
It has such a negative effect on one's life, I'm calling it a disease. I do not have diabetes or any accompanied conditions which is why my doctor calls it "Idiopathic Gastroparesis". I was diagnosed after taking the soft "egg" meal test that was laced with tracking barium type material.
Please know I feel so awful that you are experiencing this at such a young age and although it cannot be cured... so they say....). At 52 years of age, I've adapted certain things that have really made it tremendously better.

I'm no medical professional and what works for me may not work for everyone else. It's apparent that if you are able to hold certain foods down the better your outcome without having the feeding tube, pacemaker or other types of medical intervention.
Below is my supplemental regimen.
1) Liquid vitamins

2) Everyday, you absolutely need to take a good Probiotic. I find Kyo-Dophilus works really great.

3) Digestive Enzymes like Papaya and Pineapple (Bromelain) to help digest your food. I add Turmeric to a lot of my food dishes.

4) Ginger in capsule form for nausea. For quick energy, I buy crystallized ginger cubes. It's so yummy! This will help the nausea as well as ginger tea.

5) I love Protein Shakes & Smoothies made with almond or soy milk. As a base, I'll use whey or soy protein powder (some people are allergic but their are other powder out there....)The powder made from green veggies like Vibrant Health brand "Green Vibrance" is really good.

6) Ox Bile to breakdown your fats and protein.

7) Charcoal capsules or gas pills for the excessive bloating and gas.

Cool Zantac for heartburn or GERD. It has less side effects than prescription medication like Nexium which slows your stomach even more!

9) Work on your stress level. Stress goes straight to the gut........
For solid food, I make dishes with mushrooms and tofu. I now longer eat red meats so most of my dinner dishes contains tofu made with plenty of cooked veggies.Aim for lo-fats yet high protein foods.

10) Throughout the day, drink as much water as you can stand without over-doing it.

11) Exercise. I do fifty abdominal crunches (everyday), some yoga, palates and floor exercises (most days) to strengthen my "body core". Once you start taking liquid vitamins and the other things I've listed, you will began to feel better and more energetic. Use this time to move your body. Jogging makes me too tired so I walk.

12) Sleep. You must have good sleep.

The important thing is to bring balance and restore your digestive system health by taking in enough nutrients. You have to try and eat enough calories throughout the day rather it's from liquids (like protein shakes) or solids like cream of wheat, soups, boiled chicken, yogurts (plain & Greek, I just love raw honey with it). There is no right or wrong foods with this thing. Although, I stay far away from berries! Mostly, it all depend what you can tolerate.

Find a good Doctor/GI that will listen and is knowledgeable. Not all GI's are knowledgeable with Gastroparesis and may become defensive if you ask questions they don't have an answer to.

One thing is for sure, you absolutely must take in nutrients or else you will not get your energy back, your immune system will take a hit (I've twice had sepsis from opportunistic infections not to mention the thousands spent on dental care after infections, cracked teeth from calcium loss.... Try and really take care of your teeth and see a dentist twice a year.

I know it sounds like a lot to do but just think of it as investing in yourself and you medical future. What can be more important than your health? Allow yourself a good cry and pity party then start on your new healthier life. Sure I still have some not so good days but since being pro-active I feel so unbelievably better. Remember, this is my own personal saga with this disease via trial and error check with your medical professional.

Everyone's experience with Gastroparesis seem to be different.
I truly wish you all the best and hope this helps.

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