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gastroinstestinal problems hiv symptoms, please help???

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Okay now i am concern because noone can diagnosed what i have.
I have been tested for HIV 48 days after an exposure of a hand shake with a HIV/AIDS+ I had cut my finger on 3-2-11 and the next day 8hrs later on 3-3-11 we shoke hands, I had a cut. I had develope 6 days later, a sore throat,sneezing,cough like a cold. at the 9th day came,diarrhea, headches along with nights sweats,white tongue and dry..following these symptoms. I started having instestinal problems!!

A doctor from aids foundation got infected with HIV in 1991 after doing a surgical procedure. He got poked with a hollow needle resulting in his seroconversion to HIV positive ! He said one of the major symptoms is located in the instestine!! because it is a RESERVOIR for the VIRUS meaning a home of the HIV virus.
OKay, so eversince 3/3/11 after my exposure followed by 9 days later, my stomach intestine has not been the same. I do not have gastritis and i am very familiar with gastritis my mom has it. I have no burnig pain. What i am experiencing is gurgles in my intestine,i feel GAS,WATER, RUNNING DOWN THE INSTESTINE MAKING NOISES LIKE GURGLES OR LIKE IF I WAS HUNGRY WHEN I'M NOT! YOUR stomach gurgles when you are hungry . i WENT TO SEE A GASTROENTOROLOGIST AND DID AN ENDOSCOPY SHE SAID EVERTHYING WAS FINE, SHE WAS NOT HELPFUL. tHIS IS NOT NRMAL, IF I EAT MY STOMACH GURGLES IF I DONT EAT IT GURGGLES TOO. i GET LOOSE stools AND WHEN I WIPED I CAN SEE MINOR DIARRHEA! NOT ALWAYS BUT I DO VISIT THE BATHROOM FREQUENT. i TESTED HIV NEGATIVE ON 4/21/11 MY EXPOSURE WAS 3/3/11.
BUT WHY??? DID THIS DR. SAID your instestine is a reservoir of hiv??? you see my instestine is the problem here. I had gotten a x-rays of my stomach and they had found my intestine filled with gas a little over a month ago. Obviously the gastroentorlogist was no help when i asked her about my instestine, all she said was , " eat healthy. She did not answer my question, i paid 1500 us dollars for the endoscopy and she had nothing to say, What kind od specialist do i need to treat me??/ i am tired, i have seen many Dr and all they do is guess! I need help, can it be hiv that it has not developed enough antibodies, i heard some people get antibodies 6 months later, can this be the case. i am frustrated cause i have no answer. I do have H pilory can these prevent from diagnosing HIV? The Gastroenterologist Dr said, H pilory has nothing to do with your intestine gurgles, Sho what is then?? she is the stomach Dr, who else can help?? should i changed Dr and find another stomach specialist, i felt she wasn't too knowledgeable, she was too young. I aslo get muscle spasm all over my body, still white tongue,but it has decreased a little bit. please help!! what type of DR do i need???? i need to know to find the right DR. Sad could my inestinal problem be the cause of the resorvoir for hiv virus llike a Dr said on is this true?? this is not normal, i have nver in my entire life had problems with the instestine, when i sleep i heard it grugle, when i am awake too, it feel empty,just water or gas moving around, i feel the gas goes down to my instetine and anus!! like if something is leaking out! do i need a colonoscopy?? or another x-ray,?? i aslo feel like nerves or spasm on my legs, like electrical movements and aslo on my arms and back! what could i have??? When i pass gas it smells bad,rotten, my stomach is connected to my frequent soft stools,although is not fully dhiarrhea i can see when i wiped the it it is watery, this is not normal a long with gurgless going on for 43 consecutive days, i feel electrical shock or muscle spasms in my intestine too. so can the HIV be home of my istetstine? i know major lymphondes are there,like the Dr said, it is a reservoir your instestine of hiv! i am converting to developed antibodies which can not be detected yet?
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replied April 24th, 2011
Hello and Welcome to e health forum.

Your symptoms do not seem to be due to HIV.

The risk of HIV infection by the method described are very minimal. This has been confirmed by the negative HIV test results.

The most probable cause of your symptoms could be irritable bowel syndrome as a result of anxiety.

IBS is diagnosed by its signs and symptoms and by the absence of other diseases. IBS does not cause any permanent damage or any serious illness but the symptoms cause severe discomfort & distress affecting an individuals work, ability to travel and attend social events.

Most symptoms of IBS can be controlled with diet, stress management, and prescribed medications (laxatives, antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, or antidepressants).

You may consider to consult your physician or a gastroenterologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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