my wife is facing some problem. she is 8 weeks pregnant. she is facing gastritis, rapid heartbeat, breathing problem, burning sensation on neck. please guide me what should have been her food habits and medicine intake at that time ?
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replied November 10th, 2010
everyone is having different experiences esp. with the morning sickness/nausea. with my first preg. i had nausea 3 months , 2nd and 3rd preg. i had nausea only while cooking meat , but i did have difficulty with heart burn! now i have diarrhea only as part of morning sickness!!!

as for your wife's concern is consult a nutritionist or even a gynecologist can be helpful! i would say small meals! what she craves for a little every time, replace cups with sip of fluids , heart beats is faster than normal. dont get up suddenly from a sleeping to standing position for example !
TUMS helps with gastric problems as it is safe in preg. thats my experience of 3 preg. LOL! you can still consult the doc. to give you best advice Smile
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