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We burp, belch and fart an average of 12 times a day. But why do we have gas? And what is intestinal gas?...the basics here....
Intestinal gas forms from two main sources - swallowed air and bacteria in the intestine. Plus, learn which factors to avoid to decrease the likelihood of gas....
How much gas is normal? Usually symptoms of gas and flatulence are more bothersome than serious. But learn when you should seek help for excessive gas here....
I have had an endoscopy, ultrasound and similar tests for mu acute gas problem. Now I am getting an unbearable electrical shock-like current passing thru my lower abdomen every now and then. It lasts for a few seconds and then slowly peters off. And the sporadic has become more regular now, specially after meals and when I move. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Is it cause for worry? The pain during those spiking shocks is quite severe.
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replied February 3rd, 2009
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Moderate to severe cramps that wax and wane, or occasional cramps that flare up after meals, could be symptom of intestinal obstruction.
If this pain is associated with gas and diarrhea and appears after eating dairy foods, it could be lactose intolerance.
Sharp lower abdominal pain in women can be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease.
Sharp, intensive pains in lower right abdomen that become worse with moving always raise suspicion for appendicitis.
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