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Gassy 4 year old

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my 4 year old daughter has been VERY GASSY Lately, she "Toots" as she calls it probably 50 some times a day, I have read that it is normal for children to "Toot" 30-40 time a day but I don't know how she can hold so much hot air in her little belly. Running makes her start Tooting, jumping forces "Toots" out of her, laying on her belly really makes her "Toot", riding in the car she is tooting away, even in the bath, its like a tooting explosion! Sometimes it bothers her but everytime she "Toots" she bursts out laughing. I think its cute so it doesnt bother me at home but what worries me is when she starts school next year and that she is going to do it when we are in public and announce it and really embarrass me. I have tried diet and everything, what do I do?
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