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I have a 13 month old so I know what being prego is like..but I am confused at the moment...
Okay this is embarrassing..... Embarassed
1st off - I have had a lot of gas w/ gas pains the past couple days!!! I got it in the 1st trimester of my last pregnancy. But it is odd for me to be like this right now!!
2ndly - I got hemmorrhoids in my 1st pregnancy and I know they are easily prone to come back after they appear, but I have gotten them and it hurts to sit down because the pressure of it pushes and gives me cramps?!? It was really odd lastnight when that was going on.
3rd - I have that weird "tightening" feeling the past couple days and I know what that feels like! But who knows, it may be ovulation or something...I don't know.
I took a prego test and it came back negative - either because it's way too early (19 days since last day of period) or I am just not preggo!!
I am not asking yall if I am pregnant but I just wanted any input as to whether or not these are potential EARLY pregnancy symptoms! They might not be! But I know all women are different w/ different symptoms!!
Thanks! Razz
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replied September 23rd, 2008
Especially eHealthy
Your first pregnancy symptom is more likely going to be a missed period - followed shortly thereafter by the sore breasts.

If your period is regular, you would have only just finished ovulating. So I doubt these are pregnancy symptoms for you at this moment. That is not to say you might not be pregnant - but it is WAY too early for symptoms like that.
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