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I am completely healthy but have noticed discomfort in my chest for maybe two months now. It is characterized by a lingering pressure or heaviness, numbness and discomfort in my left arm, and I even woke up recently with a sore jaw. My symptoms are not worsening, however, even over this extended period. I get relief from assuming wind-passing yoga poses, but these symptoms return shortly thereafter, and I am otherwise not passing gas very often. This is puzzling me but I'm convinced it's not life-threatening or anything.
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replied November 11th, 2011
Response to cdt5074 on November 6th, 2011
By now, I am surprised that no medical professional has responded to your query, but as a fairly well-read health advocate and witness to my husband's recent heart attack that resulted in emergency open heart surgery with one by-pass graft [CABG], I can assure that even your single symptom of "heaviness" is not to be taken lightly.

Since these details may be comparatively helpful, I will share that after my 64 y/o husband did have gas, belching, and [eventually] heaviness in his chest, he had no numbness or left sided affects and rather...after this had happened months before and was completely relieved by a heating pad...we thought those 'after midnight' symptoms were about an inflamed gall bladder on the lower right side that, with transferred pain, shot up and around to the back of his neck. In other words, these symptoms were never on the left side, in the left arm or, radiated into the jaw [more typical of heart attack] and depending on the gender, age, genetic susceptibility, lifestyle choices [smoke/drugs/night shift], do trust: there are a variety of symptoms that 'uniquely relate to the individual' with either heart compromise or fully expressed attack due to blockage and oxygen deficiency.

When the Emergency Room EKG/ECG revealed 'acute MI in progress' we were drop-jaw shocked since there is no heart disease in my husband's family, nor has he ever smoked, been overweight, used illicit or legal drugs, had high cholesterol due to avoidance of carbs and processed foods and the preference for whole/raw foods, fish, vegetables/fruits, nuts/seeds...and overall, was living a clean or safer lifestyle. That being said, with the abrupt down-turn of the economy, sudden death of his beloved father barely a year before, plus, a recurrence of spinal stenosis that was waiting on its corrective surgery, ALL of these major 'stresses' [mental/emotional/physical-pro-inflammator y] did take their toll. After all, we are innately holistic and reactionary beings that will be affected, internally and externally, in a negative or positive way or, mixed version thereof.

Then just recently I came across scientific research that confirms how, when chronic stress is not relieved, this so adversely affects our entire physiology, but in particular, the cardiovascular system with steadily evolving and detrimental arterial stiffness and endothelial instability, especially when there is metabolic deficiency of the B vitamins which my husband did have...since he was unable to [even] use a supplement since the B's do upset his stomach. Actually, this was why I found the research since I wanted to know why the B's would do this to him [similar diet/age/health], but not me. Fortunately, one can monitor the B vitamin functioning with a Homocysteine blood test which will detect a problem when there are elevated or above range results. Again, this finding is important to know for reasons of both the heart and digestive health.

Anyway, please consider all of these heart-related factors for yourself and see your doctor soon for the proactive, preventive, and diagnostic support. Believe me, those unusual sensations for the last two months are your body's primary way to beg its astutely aware owner to take the appropriate heed. My sincere best to you.
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