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Gardasil side effects

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My 17 yo daughter was fine one day and the next day she was having severe muscle spasms starting with her low back, then legs and arms. It looks like a violent seizure. Dr said not a seizure, she can communicate and follow commands during it.
Was in hospital 5 days, all tests were good. EEG, EKG, cat scan, mri, filmed with EEG for 24 hours. Extensive blood and urine tests run. All -. Episodes are still going on. She screams in pain, it looks like she is folding backwards. Her hands become lobster like and it looks like her toes and fingers are trying to touch the back of her head. She has absolutely NO control over her body. It lasts from 4 to 40 minutes. The most she's had in one day is 30, the least is 4. Nothing has happened to my child. However, she received her 3rd Gardasil shot on jan 5, this started on Feb 2. She has complained of low back pain since the shot. I didn't put this together until I spoke with a specialist today. Have you read or heard of these type of complaints from the vaccine? Thanks for your time.
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replied April 3rd, 2009
Rob, have your reported your daughter's symptom to VAERS and the NVIC? Please email me if need the information and see my posting. My daughter has been very ill for over one year.

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replied October 8th, 2010
My daughter also began to experience severe muscle spasm beginning with second Gardasil injection. Because she was active in basketball & no specific injury could be pointed to as the cause, she had MRI, xrays, bone scan, CT scan, bloodwork over a period of 9 months. All results came back normal. There was physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, cortisone injections, trigger point injections. This past Monday she suffered a severe spasmatic episode which led me to take her to the ER. There it was Valium, flexeril & something else injected for pain. I went on line to try to determine what modality of therapy we could try for her next. It was only then that I became aware that there could be a Gardasil connection. She received her second Gardasil shot 2 weeks prior to the original pain complaint & her third 2 weeks prior to the ER visit. Yesterday she saw a rheumatologist who prescribed predinose & flector patches. Anyone, any ideas??? What type of specialist to see next?? Treatment??
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