I am not sure what pill my partner is on but she has been on it for a while now. She recently had her period, she does not take the pill during her period, then resumed taking it when her period was over.

The last time we had sex was technically on the last day of her period. Or so she thought, and she did not take a pill that day, but resumed taking the pill the next day and forward. She now thinks she was off her period that day.

Is this considered a lapse in taking the pill and can she get pregnant?
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replied May 20th, 2009
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Women on birth control pills (usually) have three weeks of active pills, or pills with hormones in them, and then one week or 7 days of either placebo pills or no pills. This week allows the lining of the uterus to shed, but it is NOT a real menstrual period. In fact, it is not scientifically necessary to have this break. Most women only want it to ensure they are not pregnant.

If your girlfriend was having her "period" during her 7 day break, and as long as she took her pills correctly during the month, then she is completely protected during that break. Hormone levels do not drop low enough in 7 days to allow ovulation. The problem arises when one extends the break past 7 days; then hormone levels CAN get low enough to spark ovulation.

Hope this helped!
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replied October 10th, 2009
Is there a difference between the gap of 7days free pills and taking the pills on the 1st day of your cycle...then start with the new pack again?

Will it increase the risk of pregnancy?
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