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ganglion cyst found on knee

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I have been experiencing pain in my right knee, thigh and hip for about 3 weeks now. Have been on prednizone, anti-inflamatories, and most recently, had a steroid shot in my knee. X-rays showed nothing, MRI found everything ok, but mentioned a ganglion cyst in my knee, as a side note. My doctor said it was probably unrelated to my pain, but researching it on-line sounds like the pain I am experiencing. The pain centers in my knee, which never goes away, pain in hip and thigh comes and goes, which I believe is caused by limping, putting stress where on my hip and thigh that normally isn't there.

If steroid shot doesn't help, still two more days until he said I would notice an improvement, should I see a bone/joint specialist? Could it be the cyst causing the pain? It came on all of a sudden, can't remember anything that could have caused it?
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replied March 12th, 2009
Update w/ more info
Saw an orthopedic specialist today, she is sending me for another MRI, on my lumbar spine. While examining me, she was checking for knee-jerk reflex, not so much as a twitch when she hit my right knee. Normal on my left. Other push and pull tests on my right leg led her to believe that my knee and hip pain originates from my L4 disc. MRI will hopefully confirm her suspicion. Not that I want back problems, just want answers at this point!!!
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