i'm a 31 year old mother with gallstones. I was diagnosed last year in the emergency room. I was given something for the pain and was told to by some maalox and avoid certain foods. I have no medical insurance because I can not afford it, even after college. I have noticed in the last three months my stomach feels sore and hard. I sleep on my stomach and some nights I cannot even do that ( so uncomfortable). I have also have a lot of dirreah, especially in the morning. They first meal of the day no matter what it is even crackers I have to rush to the nearest restroom. Is the dirreah a symtom of the gallstones or something else.
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replied April 29th, 2008
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Do you feel abdominal pain especially in the lower right area?
Do you find diarrhea bloody sometimes?
Have you noticed that you are losing weight unintentionally?
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