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Gallbladder Disease Symptoms

Gallbladder Disease Symptoms
Gallstone Symptoms

Sometimes gallbladder diseases do not cause noticeable symptoms and are found during abdominal exams for other conditions.  Other times, symptoms are more noticeable and can indicate serious problems like gallbladder inflammation, gallstones or even gallbladder cancer.  People experiencing the following symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

  • Pain in the right upper abdomen, right flank, or right shoulder that lasts for more than 5 hours
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever-even low-grade-or chills
  • Yellowish color of the skin or whites of the eyes
  • Clay colored stools
  • Loss of appetite

Notify your doctor immediately if you think you have experienced a gallbladder attack or are experiencing more serious symptoms related to the gallbladder.  In general, you should see your doctor if you are experiencing severe abdominal pain or indigestion and heartburn that does not go away.  These might be signs of gallbladder disease.

Do you know which tests, procedures and exams are necessary to confirm that you're having trouble with your gallbladder?  Learn more about diagnosing gallbladder diseases now.

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