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im new to the forums and im hoping someone here can help me. I have had some problems for about 9 months now.

It all started with chest pain that was worse on inhalation and was mostly in my right shoulder and back near my right scapula. I seem to have days that it is worse than others.

I have alot of burping and sometimes flatulence with it. im taking prevacid for heartburn but lately it seems to be ineffective and my stomach burns/aches and becomes worse after eating.

I have been to many doctors who have done chest xrays, ekg, blood tests and even had a few upper gi endoscopy that come back negative for any stomach problems. One thing the doctors did find was a vitamin D deficiency.

Can anyone tell me if these symptoms could be gallbladder related?
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replied April 21st, 2008
hi do you have pain under right ribs and does the pain go right to your back do you have sickness is the pain worse after eating there could be a number of things like me i started having my pain back in november under right rib it goes through to my back and up to my shoulder blade the sickness is bad heartburn feels like your having a heart attack i had all different tested done all come back clear ask your doctor if you could have a ct scan and hida scan done keep on to the doctor as you know there is something wrong dont give up hope this help and let us know what the doctor says
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