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Gallbladder surgery scar

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I had my gallbladder removed back in May. All of the lap. scars healed well and I've had no issues with my health since then.

Lately, though, one side of the biggest scar (the one up top) keeps swelling up a bit and itching right on the scar tissue. It's like having a bug bite, but I doubt any bug would bite the same exact spot over and over. It swells up and itches for a day or two, then disappears for a couple of weeks before returning again.

Has anyone had this happen after surgery?
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replied December 2nd, 2011
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There are several types of abnormal scar healing that can cause them to become itchy. The most common type is called hypertrophic and the good news is that it should eventually heal almost as well as any other scar. Meanwhile it will be swollen, red and itchy and that could last for a year or two before it settles down.

More rarely scars can become keloid and will fail to heal. They may even grow considerably larger.
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