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Gallbladder removal following Open heart surgery

my husband just went through double bypass surgery a week ago. This was the second bypass because the first one, after just 6 months, didn't work. After he was home for 3 days, he had a very painful stomach ach, in the lower abdomen. I called an ambulance and finally after being in the emergency room and put in a patient room, they decided to do a cat scan and ultral sound. Well with all the test, they found out his gall bladder wasn't working. That is what was causing the pain. They also found a blood clot on one of his lungs.

The cardiologist said it was too dangerous to remove his gallbladder this soon after his heart surgery. So they sent him home with blood thinners, and pain pills. After he was home, about 3 hours, he was in severe pain again. He took 2 pain pills, and nothing happened. I drove him back to the hospital and they gave him morphine, which made the pain go away. They admitted him to the hospital and the doctors are going to talk about it, in the morning, as to what to do.
What do you think?
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First Helper renafayelarkey

replied May 23rd, 2014
so what happened next? how is your husband doing?
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replied May 26th, 2016
Open Hear surgery can cause gallbladder failure.
My brother just had his gallbladder taken out 11 months after open heart surgery. Blood pooled in the gallbladder which lead to necrosis. It was dead, swollen, and starting to have gangrene set in. After removal, he seems to be better.

Symptoms were throwing up, fever, etc. Surgeon with usual bedside manner said the gallbladder was "rotten through and through." Says you can see the same thing happen after a car accident where there is a lot of internal bleeding. Heart lung bypass machines destroy some of the red blood cells, which contribute to the problem.

Here is a paper on it:
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