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gallbladder cause gastritis and esophagitis ?

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I have been having pain on the upper right side right by my ribcage for some time. It started a few years ago and was tolerable for some time as it kind of came and went. When it got more severe and CT scans and ultrasounds showed nothing. Finally they did another endoscopy and I was diagnosed with gastritis and esophagitis 2 weeks ago. I was told to take Nexium and go on the acid reflux diet. While it has relieved it a lot the pain is still present. I had my gall bladder checked early on but didn't have a hydascan.
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replied January 22nd, 2009
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It is possible to have symptoms of gallbladder disease, but negative ultrasound results.
In that cases, trans abdominal or regular ultrasound needs to be switched with performing endoscopic ultrasound.
Some clinicians believe that the gall bladder pain doesn’t always occur due to gall bladder blockage with gallstones, but, due to intolerance to certain foods, like eggs, meats with high levels of fat, dairy products and citrus fruits.
Also, it is possible that the pain due to your gastritis which is usually felt under the breast bone, you feel it to the right side of your upper abdomen, too.
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