My fianc and I went to eat pizza on December 17, 2012. On the way home, I felt terrible. My heart was racing and I was very short of breath. When we got home, I used my inhaler, which made my heart race more. I was nervous about these symptoms, so we went to the Emergency Room. I had an EKG and chest x-ray done. I also had a blood test to check for blood clots. Everything came back negative. I was shaking and cold while we were there. The ER doctor diagnosed it as palpitations and let me go. That night, I came home and was nauseated. My stomach hurt and I had diarrhea. I took a pepto-bismol and tried to sleep. I had abdominal pain for days, mostly waking me up at night. Sometimes pretty severe. It was similar pain to the pain that you have when you have food poisoning - almost like your intestines are twisting.

I had lightheadedness come and go along with leg numbness. Sometimes, I would get so lightheaded that I would not be able to make it through a store. We had to leave church half-way through the service because I was so hot and woozy.

I did not feel well for weeks. On 12/24, I went to a local Urgent Care Facility. They found trace amounts of blood in my urine and sent me to the ER. Urine culture came back negative for infection. Blood tests came back fine, nothing wrong with my kidneys, liver, etc. The ER doctor said that there was a serious stomach virus going around and decided that was probably what I had. I still had the shakes, cold chills, abdominal pain, leg numbness/tingling and lightheadedness.

I have had multiple tests for pregnancy, all negative.

I was not feeling great through Christmas and New Years Eve. Not every day was terrible, a few days, I felt fine - all day and all night. But when I didn’t feel well, it was mainly at night. It would wake me up. My stomach would hurt terribly and my leg would be tingly or numb. Sometimes my feet cramped up. I was also week.

This whole time, I was eating a very bland diet - mostly the BRAT diet. No alcohol. Just some ginger ale or pedialyte or water to drink. I had trouble making it through a whole day at work. I was in pain and I had such lightheadedness.

Was a bit constipated, which I attribute to eating mostly carbs for weeks. Had some lighter colored stool, no black stool, no blood in stool etc.

I went to the PCP in early January. When she examined my stomach, no plan in particular hurt, but the right side was more tender than the left. An hour or so after I left, my pain all concentrated on the right side, mainly the lower right side, above my hip bone. She prescribed me a Proton Pump Inhibitor - she said that I might have an ulcer. She also prescribed Vitamin D. She ordered a wide range of blood tests. Everything came back fine, but I had low levels of vitamin D, and slight amounts of H. Pylori. My b12 levels was high and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. So she wanted an expanded Hepatitis Panel. I asked for an ultrasound of my gallbladder.

The Hep Panel came back fine, no gall stones on the ultrasound, but they found that I had a small, benign hemangeoma on my liver. I read that these do not cause pain, are not dangerous, etc. My PCP did not seem at all concerned about the fact that I have been sick for 4+ weeks. My pain was still on my right side, now both in the front and back. It was a dull pain, constant, and felt like someone had their fist pushed into my side. Ibuprofen helped some. I was still getting some numbness in my legs.

She referred me to a GI doctor. I went to see him and he (of course) wanted to order every possible test. By the time I got to him, it had been almost a month since the initial symptoms. The day of my appointment, I had very few symptoms. He ordered a blood test for celiac disease and thyroid function. Both came back negative. He also ordered a HIDA scan and an endoscope. (have not done these yet. My insurance only covers partial payment of these, so I am hesitant to do them) He said that if I have an ulcer it will take about two months to heal, so I should keep taking the medication. Bowel movements have returned mostly to normal. I am slightly more gassy than normal.

For the last week, I have been feeling pretty good. I have been able to eat more foods without much problem. I do not really have any pain now, just occasionally. I am able to sleep through the night. And I rarely get lightheaded.

As for the lightheadedness - I have been tested multiple times for blood sugar problems, these always come back negative.

For the last week, I have been taking - a probiotic, an Omega 3-6-9 pill, Papaya Enzymes, Multi-vitamin, Vitamin D (Once a week, 50,000 IU as prescribed), and the Proton Pump Inhibitor. Been drinking apple juice because I read that it is good for gallbladder problems.

What do you think I had/have? Gallbladder attack? Appendix attack? A stomach/intestinal virus? All blood tests indicated that I never had an infection. I did not have a urinary tract infection. I never had a fever the entire time I was sick. Is there any tie between gallbladder/digestive problems and lightheadedness? Could it colitis? I would really prefer to heal whatever I have naturally rather than have any surgery/lots of tests and scans/etc.

I have read that elevated liver enzymes and high B12 levels can be caused by liver or gallbladder or bile duct problems. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any input is greatly appreciated. I should also note that throughout this time, I stopped taking birth control pills. I plan on resuming them in the next few weeks.
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replied February 9th, 2012
Hi. I, unfortunately, do not have an answer for you, but I am going through something similar. I'm wondering, since you mention your gallbladder, appendix, stomach, and intestines, if your pain travels in the way that mine does. I've been having awful bouts of illness for over 2 weeks, but no fever - in fact, my temperature has gotten as low as being in the upper 95's (95.7 this afternoon. I keep buying thermometers, thinking that they are faulty, but I'm up to 4 now, and my temp remains this low). My first symptom was some pressure under my rib cage and a little pain. I had just broken my foot, so I assumed that maybe I pulled something using the crutches I have. However, I had an attack of severe diarrhea a couple days later, and the pain in my upper right abdomen got really intense. I then had the sensation that I might have a gallstone. I have not vomited, and I am not jaundiced... my main complaint is pain. And this pain is very concentrated. I don't get 'cramps' or generalized pain all over my abdomen... I can pinpoint the exact spot of this aching/stabbing pain. It starts up in the area of my liver, then seems to move down toward the area of my gallbladder, then moves down to the right side of my navel, and then finishes out in the area of my appendix (halfway between my navel and my right hip bone). At first, I thought I was passing a gallstone, but it's been 2 weeks, and this pain will not go away. It comes and goes - one day it will only me mild, the next day it gets horrible. I also have had a LOT of gas. I do not have insurance. I have too many pre-existing conditions (endometriosis, PCOS, and and an underactive set of adrenal glands, underactive thyroid gland, and neuropathy problems in my feet), so I have to go through an employer/group insurance. However, I am up for a few jobs (have had 4 interviews this week) that all carry benefits. I could go to the E.R. because they don't charge up front, but if I am diagnosed, I will then have a 6 month pre-existing waiting period on any job's insurance plan and won't be able to go on from there. I am praying that this either goes away on its own (although it seems unlikely at this point), or that I get hired immediately and get insurance right away. I will also be eligible for the federal pre-existing insurance plan in a few weeks... but I'm worried about this now. I've never experienced anything like this, and I can't even pinpoint an exact organ that is affected because the pain moves, almost like a stone would move through the whole tract. I don't know anything about biliary tract disease, and I've never had problems with my liver or any of that before (except when I had mono years back... my liver was very swollen, along with my spleen). But this isn't a cramp, or 'shooting pains'... it's very concentrated, and moves downward and then out toward my appendix region. Oh, and then there is the itching! The skin below my ribcage on the right side has been itching off and on.

I did have a UTI about a month ago, but I don't know how that could cause problems in my liver/gallbladder/biliary tract. I read about rare cases of sepsis from UTI's, but I'm thinking that would have killed me by now, since this has been happening for over 2 weeks.

Anyway, good luck... I hope someone might have an answer for you. But since you posted this a couple weeks ago, I'm wondering if you may have found an answer by now, and what it was.
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