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Gall Stones with normal HIDA

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I started experiencing pain in my upper right quad that is not severe but there. I had an ultrasound done which my Doc said showed tiny stones and sludge. I did have a HIDA scan done and my Doc said it was normal 49%. Now he thinks it is my Pancreas and did more blood work yesterday and I am awaiting the test results. This morning I woke up with no nausea but after drinking coffee (which I love) the nausea set in. The pain is still there dull but there and constant. I personally still think it's my Gall Bladder and want to have it removed. The ultrasound already showed there were stones and sludge and they called it Biliary Colic? (Sorry for the spelling).
Based on symptoms I need advise...I am considering finding a new doctor.

My original doc was out of town when I experienced the pain so I had to see his PA. She ordered the ultrasound and HIDA. She also told me that she would have a "hard time arguing this to a surgeon". I spoke to a few people who have experienced the same symptoms I am having one who is in the medical field and OR Nurse and she said it's the gall bladder and the gall stones. I called back and asked for a referral to a surgeon and her Nurse responded by saying, "she already told you she would have trouble convincing a surgeon to take it out". Well that's not what I asked. I informed her that I am leaving to go on vacation in 3 weeks and don't want to have to suffer through my vacation in Mexico or even god forbid something happen while I'm there. She said "well they won't be able to schedule you before you leave". I finally asked her who they would refer me to and called and made the appointment myself. Appointment next week.
Anyway, the same nurse called me yesterday to tell me that they HIDA scan was normal. I asked her where the pain was coming from and she said she didn't know but that the HIDA scan was normal!...for GOD sake don't call me to tell me it's normal and not have a Plan B. After becoming extremely frustrated, I called back and asked if my normal Doc had any idea of what was going on. He finally called me back and wanted to see me. Went in and after some is it fatty foods, I told him that it's pretty much anything. I don't feel like eating. He examined my belly, pain on right side, and said "well you don't have gall stones". WHAT??? Well um, that's not what the other doc said. He went back to my file, which I feel he should have already looked at and said, well yea there are stones and sludge but it isn't affecting the function of the gall bladder, I think it's your pancreas. I'm sooo confused and very frustrated at this point. The last CBC evidently came back some what normal. First doc said everything was fine, and then he said something was slightly elevated and that is what is leading him to the panaceas. I think if it comes back normal then I'm finding a new doc. I will say that the half and half that they gave me when I was having the HIDA scan made me very nauseous.
I need advice here!! Please help
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replied September 15th, 2009
Got the blood work done from yesterday. All of the blood work came back normal. Still have pain on right side under rib cage. Now that the knows it's not my pancreas he wants me to see a GI doc. Based on the fact that they saw tiny stones and sludge in my gall bladder but I had a normal HIDA do I need to see a GI doc or do I need to get a second opinion?
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