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For about 3 years now ive experienced problems that ive found no answer for.
My brain sometimes wont tell me all the information it needs when looking at something.
To give an example i may be in a supermarket looking for a certain item on a shelf containing lots of other items( chocolate bars for example) i know what im looking at but my brain wont tell me what item i want, then all of a sudden my brain is telling me everything and i can select the item i want.
Other examples are i may be reading a magazine with a pic of a celebrity i know but my brain wont tell me who it is until i can shake off the brain fog.
It usually only lasts for seconds but its worrying and annoying.
Ive seen my local gp and ive had a brain scan but everything was ok.
My gp gave me a test and asked me 10 questions and i got them all right so he said it dident seem to be Alzheimer's or related problems.
Im not suffering from depression and this problem is random and sometimes i dont even realise im having it.
Ive had it driving the car and im aware im driving and am able to know what is happening in front of me and can react if the car in front slows down or stops e.t.c but my brain fog seems not to be telling me other information thats happening elsewhere.
This is quite hard to explain and as it only usually lasts for seconds i can get through it ok.
December though was bad, we had visited family which was a 80 mile drive and as we set off home in darkness driving through the city which was busy with traffic i found it hard to shake off the brain fog type problem.
When i say brain fog i dont mean it seems misty but i have episodes where my brain seems to not be telling me all the information .

I was finding it very hard to concentrate on what was happening in front of me and as a cars went past all the light and shadows changed and my brain was not able to tell me the correct information and struggled to process the simple thing that your brain usually does on auto pilot.
It was like my brain was trying to process too much information and was struggling and i started to worry and panic as things seemed to be all too much and things happening too fast.
Also the colours of the car lights seemed intense whilst in brain fog mode but was normal when i seemed to get my mind back in focus.
In the end i had to pull in and let my wife drive as i was worried that i might end up having a accident or a panic attack.
When this as happened before i have shook it off in seconds and been ok but this time evertime i shook it off it came back .
When we arrived home i was feeling ok but whilst watching a tv prog about nature i was watching something happening and all i really saw was colour and shape and it was like i was watching it but not really taking it all in.
When i rewound the tape to watch that bit again i was instantly aware it was a bumblebee on a flower.

My question is what is wrong with me and as my gp does not seem to know and a specialist ive seen could not find anything wrong and put it down to old age creeping up on me.
Im a 50 year old male and work in a chemical factory and im getting worried about things getting worse and me losing my driving licence and my Job.
Im also worried to go back to my gp as he may tell me i cannot drive anymore and without my car i cannot get to work so would lose my job.
I am really worried things will get worse and i know myself that if it does then its not safe for me to drive.
Saying that i can go out and drive and not experience any brain fog for a whole week and if i do it only usually lasts for seconds.
When it does happen i usually slow down and i can understand now why older citizens sometimes. drive so slowly .
I suffer from high blood pressure and take Amlodipine for this.
I have lots of other examples of my problem but i think ive touched on the main area.
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with me and do others suffer the same problems.?

Had some tests done.
Full blood count, esr,creatinine,lft,glucose,lipds,and tft.
Also had a brain scan and all these came out with no problems.
Ive seen a psychologist and next month i am seeing a neurologist.

Im now taking Simvastatin to help get more blood to my brain.
Ive been getting the odd day of not feeling with it and being a bit dizzy/fuzzy headed and it seems to be getting more frequent now.
My episodes/brainfog seems to be improving but this feeling fuzzy headed is worrying me.
I did get this fuzzy headedness before i went on the Simvastatin so i dont think its my med that is to blame.
Some days i feel great and clear headed but other days i seem to be not quite with it but can still function although i feel fuzzy headed.
I now also seem to have a aversion to light and outdoors seems to bright and makes me more not with it.
On a evening my condition subsides !
Ive had a eye test and had my glasses checked over too and all is ok.
I dont really get bad headaches but i do feel like there is a slight pressure on my head sometimes.
Im not stressed or depressed but i did suffer some anxiety a few months back when my episodes increased.
Im fighting it and try to go about my day as normal but it is hard sometimes and im worried ill never get back to my clear headed self.
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replied April 23rd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Hi and welcome to ehealthforum!
Do you feel inner tension and shaking or like being trapped in a bubble separate from the world at that moments?
Do you feel unreal or dreamy or feeling outside yourself or like you don't exist?
Do you have pounding heart or chest tightness?
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replied April 29th, 2008
No i dont feel inner tension and shaking.
Its more like having a headcold or the flu without the fever or runny nose.
I feel not with it and its like i have a hangover and a bit spaced out sometimes.
It usually goes away in the evening.
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replied May 12th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Do you often feel tired, sluggish, or weak?
Are slowed muscle reflexes, and a slowed ability to think, your prominent symptoms?
Do you find yourself difficult to concentrate and kind of depressed?
Have you gain some weight recently?
Have you noticed some sleeping difficulties?
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replied May 13th, 2008
Its a no to all those .
My fuzzy headedness isent so bad now im on simvastatin.
I still get episodes where my brain is playing catchup to what my eyes are looking at and these usually last from 5 to 10 seconds.
And im finding driving stressfull if its somewhere i dont know the roads.
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replied May 14th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Do you find yourself withdrawing from geographic movement and more specific places (supermarket) where you have felt your "fuzzy headed symptoms"?
Did these symptoms start at the same time you got the anxiety issue?
How do you explain your aversion of light, like pain or discomfort felt in your eyes, like causing you a headache or like you just don't find your self comfortable outdoors during the day?
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replied May 24th, 2008
Do you find yourself withdrawing from geographic movement and more specific places (supermarket) where you have felt your "fuzzy headed symptoms"? No
Did these symptoms start at the same time you got the anxiety issue? No

How do you explain your aversion of light, like pain or discomfort felt in your eyes, like causing you a headache or like you just don't find your self comfortable outdoors during the day?I dont get a pain or a headache or discomfort in my eyes, its just feels like im not quite with it and a little surreal.
I feel like ive just woken up and walked into the garden where the sun is shining and ive not quite woken up.
Sorry i cannot be more specific and thank you for your reply's.
In June i am having a EEG scan.
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replied May 26th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
You are welcome!

Have you been suggested to check the blood level of thyroid gland hormones?
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replied May 27th, 2008
Yes ive had full blood tests and all was ok.
Ive been feeling good the last few days and i think the simvastatins ive started to take are kicking in.
Im hoping i dont have any relapses.
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replied May 28th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
I'm happy for you!
Hope you'll feel much better!
Please, keep writing!
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replied May 29th, 2008
Ah i spoke too soon!
Today i had quite few episodes, nothing major but little 5 second ones here and there where i was waiting for my brain to catch up to my eyes.
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replied June 24th, 2008
Had a MRI scan on sunday and im waiting for the results of that.
Had a EEG scan last week and that went ok with no problems.
Ive been having quite a few mini brainfog/episodes the last week so the statins dont seem to be rally working that well.
Cutting out all chocolate as a experiment.
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replied July 11th, 2008
Not doing too bad but still getting a few mini episodes in a day.
Im getting used to them and its not such a problem now.
Still waiting for mri scan results and had a blood test as my energy level was way down.
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replied March 14th, 2009
i have the exact same time i couldn't even remember what class my first hour was(i'm a junior in high school)but thank god it came to me a few seconds later.that happened like 2 weeks ago and i'm kinda freaked out about if you could tell me if you were diagnosed with anything that would be really helpful.thanks
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replied March 14th, 2009
No i was never diagnosed with anything and the doctor put it down to getting older and less blood getting to my brain.
He put me on simvastatin but i really cant say if its helping.
Things do seem better but i still get bad days especially if im tired.
Im learning to live with it now although i dont enjoy driving distances anymore especially new places.
Ive bought a sat nav and if im not driving local this helps no end.
I dare not push the doctor for more tests as im worried he may say im not fit to drive and i know im ok driving even though it is sometimes stressfull.
Let me know how you get on.
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replied March 20th, 2009
I've been looking around and all i keep finding is its a symptom of depression(so not,i'm the happiest i've ever been)or i need to eat better and exercise i guess i'll try that and see how that goes.and yay for sat navs,good luck.
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replied March 21st, 2009
I was told it was depression too and i know thats not a correct evaluation of my problem!
I will not take antidepressants when i know im not depressed.
Exercise is good and i try to do some most days but i know i dont do inough.
Some days i can be fuzzy headed and not feel quite with it but i just get on with it instead of just sitting there thinking im ill.
Funny thing is when the evening is here my fuzzy head symptoms dissapear.(maybe its daylight related)
Other days i feel as clear as a bell.
I bought a book on brainfog and it was very interesting and did give a few pointers but it also gave quite a lot of other reasons like mecury fillings in your teeth, the sweetner aspartamin, and even your skull and how the plates are aligned e.t.c e.t.c
I did say exercise was good though.
Keep me informed on how you get on.
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replied April 8th, 2009
the whole diet/exercise seems to help a bit,more diet then exercise since its still so cold=P,i know what u mean i can think the clearest the hours before i go to sleep.and the sun kills my eyes but maybe it just takes them awhile to adjust,idk.been getting alot of those moving dizzy lights or whatever there called,but its no biggie,hope ur feeling well
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replied June 10th, 2009
FYI - I could have written your first post. I have been excercising lately and my BP has come down and my Dr. said I could try reducing my BP medicine. within 4 days of cutting my Amlodipine down to 5mg (from 10mg) I felt like a new person. I'm so frustrated with myself and my doctors for prescribing (and taking) an anti-depresant. I'm now off it and taking the lower dose of Amlodipine and feel soooo much better. I didn't attribute it to the medicine at first because it didn't come on suddenly. But when I cut my dose, the symptoms dissappeared in just a few days.
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replied June 17th, 2009
Thank you
Thank you, I've finally found a site which lists all my symptoms. I am a 25 yr old female, extremely healthy-exercise 6 times a week, have a healthy diet, am definitely not depressed and yet I suffer from the same head fog, memory loss, co-ordination loss etc. I told the Doctor that I was concerned about driving and my memory etc and they don't seem to want to investigate it further, in fact depression has been mentioned to me however I am definitely not depressed. Its so frutrating, if anyone has any sort of answer to why we are feeling this way-medical or alternative please let me know. IT IS NOT DEPRESSION-the Neuro will not investigate it and I have had no tests because he is admament that I am depressed when he has only met me once and even my own GP has said it is definitely not depression/anxiety!! Thank you Smile
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