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Fuzzy head, lack of conectration, forgetful, confusion

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Hi there,

I am 30 years, male, Engineer with PhD. Since last couple of months, I have noticed following symtems:

1) Fuzzy head, lack of conentration (difficult to concetrate for even short time)
2) Restless
2) Often feeling confused (such as whether I have locked the car, whether have printed the document, spelling confusion, etc..)
3) Forgetful (Such as forgetting importatnt items before going out, sometimes I left my cash card in shops after making payment)
4) Lack of memory (recalling information difficulty, my capacity to remember many things at one time has reduced)
5) Reduced ability of multitasjing
6) Depression, doubts and worrying

Accept the above, I have some physical symtems:

1) Freequent urine and if I don't drink water, the urine becomes dark yellow.
2) When I try to concetrate, my fingers get cold
3) Ear whistling

I used to be very confident and analytical minded. But now the above is affectingting my personal and work life. Sometimes, I think I have caught some decease. I searched some websites and it seems to me that it could be thyroid problems. Please help me. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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replied April 4th, 2010
drink more watter so your urine will be lightr. Before u concentrate you must be relax and calm yourslef down. the most important thing is to be happy . Do not think about something to deep.. And certain things that got nothing to do with you. You dont bother about it. Sleep atleast 8 hours aday. Be happy! Smile enjoy life.
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replied April 4th, 2010
Thanks so much!! I will follow your advice...
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