hi everyone!!!
how is the life going? I have developed some kind of fungal infection on my foot. can any body tell me some good anti fungal cream for it?
will be really thankful Smile
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replied September 19th, 2010
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Life is okay, it'd be better if I could get my own question answered. hehe:)

Anyhoo Ting, Tinactin, and Monistat is supposed to be good for that kind of thing. Make sure you dry your feet off after you take a bath and make sure they are completly dry before putting on any kind of shoes or socks. Be sure and wear socks w/ all shoes. Foot powder is supposed to help prevent it. A lot of people swear by foot soaks, just look up a couple different ones (make sure you do your own reasearch on this tip, we don't want it to get worse than it already is).If it's mild to moderate try one of those over the counter products, but if it's serious, you know what to do, check in with your doc. I hope this helps.
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