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Full story of how I suffered with TMJ and ETD & then got cur

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Hi all,

There seems to be quite a lot of people who use this forum who have suffered from some sort of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD), which may or may not be related to TMJ / TMJD (same thing).

In my case, it turns out, that my TMJD was very much linked to my ETD.

2 years ago I started a job at a supermarket in the UK called ASDA (Walmart you those of you in the US). At first I liked my job, but as I progressed in my role I was expected to work faster and harder and was told that other colleagues were not allowed to help me unload the very heavy crates of apples and carrots which were stacked at least a ft above my head.

I worked the morning shift on the fruit and veg department for 3 months, during which time I suffered from extreme fatigue, back and neck ache and towards the end of my time at Asda, pain in the left side of my face, jaw and bubbling and clicking in my left ear.

I then left asda and moved to university in another town. Unfortunately I wasn't able to leave my illness behind, and it became increasingly hard to deal with the clicking, it affected my studying and my social life, I was constantly tired and in pain.

For almost 2 years I battled with the pain, in the last year of which the pain and clicking got so bad that I wanted to end my own life, seriously, on a pretty much daily basis. I wanted to escape my own body and death seemed the only way out.

Fortunately for me and my friends and family, I hadn't quite yet given up. I wanted to try one more therapy in hopes that the pain might go away or at least subside. I'd tried everything from acupuncture to massage over the past 2 years but nothing had really even help.

I'd heard online that other people suffering from ETD and/or TMJD had had treatment from a Chiropractor and had successfully been cured or at least had their pain reduced.

So I made and appointment to see a Chiropractor in my home town of Newport in south wales, UK. I wasn't expecting a miracle but I was willing to try anything to stop the agonising pain and constant torment of the clicking, popping, squeaking, muffling, etc etc, I'm sure you know what I mean.

After the first treatment I could feel a difference, the clicking was still there, in fact it had barely changed at all, but somehow I just knew it was working. So I went twice more over the course of 3 weeks. After the 3rd visit THE CLICKING STOPPED! It was a miracle! My prayers (I don't believe in god, but you know) had been answered! I was free, at least at first.

The clicking did come back after a few days to some degree, however it was reduced and I found that if I moved my bottom jaw to the left (the left side is the problem side) and held it there for a few seconds the clicking would stop, at least for a few minutes/hours.

The other thing which helped was for me to perform the maneuver the chiropractor did on my the 3rd and final time I went. He put the ball of his palm, where the hand meets the wrist, just UNDER my cheek bone, starting with the problem side and pushed firmly but GENTLY on my jaw, he then did this on the other side.

I found that if I did this on the right side of my face and pushed my lower jaw to the left (problem ear/jaw) it would reduce or stop the pain and clicking.

Since doing these maneuvers daily my clicking and pain has almost completely stopped, I still get it sometimes if I sleep on the wrong side.

The right side for me to sleep on is my right side because my jaw gets gentle pushed towards the left side as my jaw is slightly out of alignment towards the right, so pushing it to the left helps re-align it.

I'm not a doctor or a professional, so please get a diagnosis before doing any of these maneuvers, and if you do, do them gently at first and see if they have a positive or negative affect for you.

IT IS BEST TO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR, that way they can assess your problem and treat you effectively and safely.

I really hope this helps at least one person out there, and remember you are not alone in your pain. I know what it is like to not be able to sleep and want to end it all and feel like there is no escape. Just keep believing, if it got broken, it can be fixed! You just need to find what works for you.

thanks for reading,

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replied November 5th, 2013
Interesting story. Although I did not go to a chiropractor, I have also figured out for myself that my jaw would move to the left whenever I was stressed. So now I do my best to relax and realign it to balance it out, and it has improved a lot from a couple of month, but not fully. My TMJ seems to be really similar to yours (mines was caused by chewing on only one side and sleeping on only one side, eventually causing my jaw to lean on one side). I'm interested in how your treatment is going, because your TMD is realllyy similar to mines, it seems.
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