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Full Proof Pregnancy Prevention (Not Involving Condoms)


I took a girls virginity recently and she mentioned wanting to take birth control (whether a pill, shot, etc) so that we could stop using condoms.

I am in University and extremely focused. I have no intention of having kids until my mid 30s if not later.

I'm hesitant about the idea of not using condoms but am researching to see what options are available.

I don't like the idea of letting her go on the pill where the responsibility is 100% on her -- if she messes up, misses a day, takes pills at the wrong time, whatever, it's my future that gets destroyed as well because of a mistake that didn't even involve me (taking the pill, not the sex -- yes I know it takes two to tango). I heard there are shots available where you're good for a few months and something like that seems more reasonable to me because I can go to the medical facility with her to ensure the procedure actually occurred. I've heard some crazy stories and have no intention of getting trapped because of my future career, if she thinks I'd be a good Father, yadda yadda.

Please also note that using combinations of methods is my main goal. If she gets a shot, we'll be using spermicidal lube every single time, pulling out (properly) every single time and anything else I can do.

Just looking for input on the absolute best combinations available to prevent pregnancy that don't involve using a condom as that is what she's aiming for.
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replied April 20th, 2014
I think you are over thinking this contraception thing. Just take her to the family planning clinic and see what is available for her. She may be able to wear an IUD. Pills really are a good way to go. Pills are about 98% effective. You can count her pills, and watch her take it, every day if you want. If it is really that big a deal thou, maybe you should think about getting a vasectomy.
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