My wife , she is not at all interested in sex.Often she comes when I compel her. We have sex once or twice in a month.If she admit for a sex,she will lie down very cool and calm.No emotions, no enjoying...she compels me to finish fast. So when I penetrate I feel very boring. what shall I do?
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replied July 11th, 2013
I personally believe that you won't know what to do till after you have spoken to her. Explain to her that you want to pleasure her, that that s your aim and you don't just want to have sex for your own benefit, you want her to enjoy it too. See if she will talk to you about it, ask her if there's anything you could do to excite her.

If you think she may be feeling unattractive or depressed, try complimenting her more often in general. Perhaps also buying her a gift, jewellery might be better than lingerie because that may upset her. Lingerie may touch too much on the upsetting subject and she may feel pressured or guilty.

I hope all works out for you.
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replied September 8th, 2013
Hi fuzzymuggles, thanks for the suggestions.i've tried what you have suggested. but again i am failed. now she is sleeping in another room. she will not sit with me to have our food. i love her very much,and always want to talk and enjoy with her every moments, but she keeps a distance with me, and to our kids also... what shall i do ?
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