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Front teeth losing enamel

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I have never had any major problems with my teeth. I wore braces but I fear I did not wear my retainers long enough as they are now moving back. However, this is the least of my problems as of now.

About 2 months ago I noticed major problems with my teeth. It had seemed to have occured over night. My front teeth have never been perfectly white, I have never neglected my oral health but I have never been great with it. All of a sudden all of my front teeth seem to be losing enamel [I'm guessing this is the problem] and there seems to be a lot of decay appearing. - Nothing hurts but it looks terrible.

I'm so worried about what a dentist will say. I'm not sure whether this is due to the bullimia I have suffered with the past year [this is now sorted].

I really would like to know what dentists can do in these situations, I can't lose my teeth at 19.
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replied February 25th, 2009
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Bullemia can destroy enamel (acid from your stomach when one continues to vomit)...

You really need to see a is not too late to save your teeth.
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