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Friendship Ending

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I recently reconnected with grammar school friend who I haven't seen in many, many years. She referred to me as her "BFF"..I'm in a civil union with my partner of 17 years; we all met up & everything was terrific. She has a son who's involved with a Jewish girl who she doesn't get along with. Mind you my partner is Jewish; one day when we were out she blurted out an anti-Semitic comment to which I commented "you know Debbie (my partner) is Jewish, rite? She replied, "yes". On another occasion she once again made the anti-Semitic comment; I jokingly said "I'm telling Debbie what you said" to which she replied "I'll tell her, it's not against her anyway". The following day I was on video-chat when my partner blurted out the anti-Semitic comment which revealed to my friend that I told my partner what she said, HOWEVER my partner wasn't in the least mad at her. I confirmed w/my friend that I hope she wasn't mad that I told my partner; she said "no, not all"; well after a couple hours passed her attitude changed drastically. She said it was unacceptable what I did, she couldn't deal with the chaotic dramatic & then ended the friendship. We repeatedly reassured her that all was ok, why can't we discuss this like adults, however she chose to throw the friendship away. We are both in disbelief that she reacted in such a drastic way; also she has no contact w/her mother & brother for some unknown reason & her 2 children are very verbally abusive to her. I still blame myself for telling my partner but we tell each other everything & everyone I discussed this with all say that she wasn't a true friend to begin with. How can someone just throw away 2 good people like this after we told her repeatedly nothing was wrong!!
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