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Friend with serious schizophrenia won't take meds.

My friends mother suffers from schizophrenia. She has been to numerous hospitals to be treated. A few weeks ago she was released from a hospital after about a month stay. Th past few days, she has been very paranois, telling us many scary things about "them" telling her things; they're going to come after us, someones stealing the toilet papaer, napkins, water, lightbulbs etc., they're going to kill us, they're warning me but no one will listen. She'll ask us to go outside at 3 in the morning because she hears someone out there and when we go outside and come back in, she says that they tricked us, they're still out there. She even tells u their names. It's very scary. I've known this family for the majority of my life, and they're a second family to me. When she's on her meds, shes not perfect, but shes kind and caring, like a mother should be. But when she's like this, it scares me. My friends (her children) used to make sure she took her medication, but now they don't bother because they're so used to their mother like this. I'm very concerned because her 2 year old grandaughter lives there at the moment, and they don't even think about letting her watch her, and the condistion she's in, me and a few other people are scared for this 2 year olds physical safety. I've brought up my concerns to my friends, but they just are convinced their mothers just going to end up in a psych hospital for the rest of her life. I just don't know if there is anythng i could or should do. Like I said, they are a second family to me and I just don't want anything bad to happen when I know I could have done something about it. Also, could the fact that halloween is nearby be some factor in this, just in her head maybe? Please, can anyone help me?
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replied November 4th, 2011
halloween has nothing to do with it she just needs to be on her meds thats what happens when your body gets use to the meds then u just go off and if she was in the hospital she was givin her meds at a certin time every day her body may still be use to it.
when i got put in the hospital for awhile and i got out i quit the meds and i swore up and down the voice was coming to kill me at night during the day she was in the closet or in the living room or out my window ect. i could hear her moving @ i swore i saw her when i usually just hear her. hope she gets better or u work something out
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