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Friend with possible schizophrinia

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I have this friend who started off as really depressed and told me about it about 2months ago. Then a month later she started seeing people that weren't there for split second then they would disappear. These people were pale and skinny and she said that she felt sorry for them. Now when she is alone, there is an ora/spirit that talks to her and told her his name 'arthur' and she cant see it as a person because its all around her. But he is friendly, not evil and when she's alone it stays with her and talks to her about why she feels alone and what she might do to herself (she used to want to self halm, and scratched but was terrified she'd cut)but it doesn't tell her to halm herself- just talks to her about why she wants to do it. It talks to her head by sending telepathic messages to her brain because it cannot talk just makes sound and she says she can feel it and it rattles. I have never been with her at these times so i do not know what she acts like when the spirit is there but i slept at her house last night and she told me today that he was in her room last night and asked me if i could feel it around me. She thinks it is real and i finally encouraged her to talk to her mum and they are going to a special doctor about it but i would like to know for myself what could be going on with her. Please, any information would be of great help to me.
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replied April 3rd, 2011
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