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frequent urination

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i have been peeing often for the past 7 months. i know it is not normal because i never been peeing this often before. i ate oxybutnnin, but i hate it because this medicine makes me difficult to pee. Finally, i went to see a uriolosgist and he checked my penis and put finger in my ass and it was cold ( i dont remember what he was trying to test me). he said everything is normal and he asked me to come back again in the next 3 months

i think my symptom have improved maybe a little bit, but i want to get back to normal.

plz answer these questions.
I also noticed that this condition make me having low sexual urge and low odor ( arm pit) do u think it has anything to do with condition that i have???

do u think this symptom will go away in a matter of time???

i am 23 years old male. i dont drink, smoke, or do any drug
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replied February 20th, 2012
i forgot to add. i have no pain, no blood, no burn
when i pee
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replied February 21st, 2012
Community Volunteer
You could try doing some research on the prostate.
Maybe the Dr was trying to massage your prostate by
putting his finger up their,which is said to help with
some of the systems you describe.
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