I wanted to know why I keep getting u.t.i's so often. I've noticed that they take place after sex. I've been having u.t.i's for a while now, on & off. It seems like every time I get a u.t.i the symptoms worsen, where it burns, has a foul smell and has a mixture of blood. I finally seen my primary doctor about this, he subscribed me an antibiotic. I've had this treatment before. But it seems to always come back. I don't understand why it happens mostly after sex.
All information is appreciated.

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replied August 27th, 2011
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Unfortunately, some women are prone to UTIs, especially after intercourse. Since the female urethra is so short, often bacteria can be pushed up into the bladder from the back and forth stroking during intercourse.

Some women find it helpful to be sure to urinate as soon as possible after having intercourse, to flush out the urethra.

If this continues, you might want to discuss it with your gynecologist.

Good luck.
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replied August 27th, 2011

It's very frustrating to get UTI's after intercourse.I know because it used to happen to me very frequently and because of it, it makes you not want to have sex and certainly interferes with a relationship.
I would be on antibiotics all the time, drink gallons of water all day, cranberry tablets, inserted gels and still was getting infections.
What has now worked best for me and seems like common sense I guess after tons of research as was tired of this condition is the following:
1. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily
2. shower before and after sex cleaning your private areas well. Dove Soap unscented for sensitive skin works best I think
3.Use alot of lube during sex (sometimes without, small tears in the vaginal walls can cause infection)
4.urinate after sex right away
5.dont have sex if you have done a number 2 and not washed yourself thoroughly. Alot of times, it is bacteria from the anal area that travels to the vagine causing infection (sorry if this is gross but, its true)
I talked extensively with my Dr and travel alot so always worried I would be away and not have access to meds so he gave me some antibiotics to have just in case, perhaps its a mental thing, but just knowing i have them maybe makes a difference too.
Hope this helps - its awful to suffer pain like that and I know it too well.
Good luck!
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