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Frequent teeth fracture and breakage of milk teeth on toddler!

My daughter, 13 months has got a total of 8 teeth. Since her 11m age I realized splitting of two of her teeth and it gradually got worse by having now 6 of her teeth fractured after each other so that she is in pain and can't eat anything else but my own milk. I have taken her to pediatrician and children dentist. After x-ray taken, I was told that all the 6 teeth should be root treated under general anesthesia in hospital!

I am staggered and disgusted by this news and so desperate now. Please, could a pediatrician answer my questions:

1. What are possible causes of such frequent breakages in new milk teeth in toddlers?!
2. Are there any other methods to repair them without root treatment?
3. Doesn't a general anesthesia on a 13 months old toddler effect her mental/brain development negatively? How bad is it and what are possible side effects?!

Thank you very much in advance.
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