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Frequent stomach cramps without diarrhea

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It has been for at least 2 months now, i'm suffering from frequent stomach cramps, and stomach upset. No diarrhea. Normal stool, normal color. I'm a very busy person, working as a tv host, so much anxiety, and stress. These cramps are making my life miserable.
I'm taking pariet 20mg once daily. I have started them yesterday.

I have a phobia, very rare, i cannot visit a doctor.

I'm so scared, always upset, always thinking that I have something serious.

I'm 36 years old. I eat only once a day in the evening.

Another thing is that sometimes for example, 3 days from every month, I suffer from something very mysterious. I feel as a sharp object radiating from front to back on my left side of my waist. This will last only about 5 seconds. Doctors told me by phone that it may be trapped gas, I usually suffers from heart burn also. I have acid reflex also.

Please help me, what can this be, and what can I do to stop all these cramps ?

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