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Frequent headaches with dizziness

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I have headaches all the time. I can go to bed with one, and wake up with it, and I try to take advil, or tylenol and it usually doesn't work. The only thing that ever works for some reason is motrin, and it only works sometimes. I'm always tired, even when I get lots of sleep, and I usually get enough. Sometimes they last a few hours, or days, and times they are so bad I can't even do anything but lay down. Im dizzy all the time too, and I do eat. I have had a few spells where I get really dizzy for about 5 seconds and cant comprehend anything, talk, see, im just almost like stunned and then it completely goes away? that has only happened about 4 times in the last month or so. I dont have a family doctor either, I have tried to get one but havnt got any calls yet. If there is anything you can suggest as to whats wrong or what I can do to help it that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Alyssa George

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