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Freezer burn treatment

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My daughter was in a car accident and injured her wrist, X-rays all normal but was told to ice the area, instead of ice on 15 min and off 15 min she left the ice on all eve, thus resulting in a freezer burn, her md said to do nothing but she wants to know can she soak the area in cool dreft solution and what about triple antibiotic ointment ,or other recommendations , the area is on her arm.Thanks please reply Carol
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replied June 11th, 2009
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It is very important not to rub, massage, shake, or apply physical force to the cold burn tissues in an attempt to rewarm it, since it can be very harmful and is not recommended.
The area need to be rewarmed by immersing the injured arm in a water-bath that is held just above body temperature.
Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are recommended for pain control and reduction of the inflammatory process.
Antibiotics, taken orally can prevent infection to occur.
It is best, this cold burn to be evaluated once more by her physician, since some dameges develop after the first day of injury.
Only, her physician can determine the degree of skin damage and the appropriate treatment.

Best wishes!
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