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Freaking out/ Confused, not stressed though, but confused!

Well, I've been dealing with irregular periods for quite some time now, some lasts up to 6 months without showing up, but lately for almost the past year, my period has been regular, finally. Every month I will get my period around the 10th-16th of each month, rarely, almost never after the 20th. My last period was on Jan. 14th lasted normal length, and coincidentally I ended up having sex with my partner around the time I ovulated, the 27th I ovulated, I had sex on the 25-26th of January. I ended up with a UTI (grr.) so I was in pain for a week until I saw my doctor the following Monday 7th of Feb. On that weekend, 5th or 6th, I went to the bathroom, and realized I had a light pink smear on the paper when I wiped, all I thought was shoot, I'm about to get my period and I'm going to the doctors in a couple days, and even thought the UTI caused the bleeding, I had plenty of UTI's and never bled before. Well, it passed my mind completely forgot until 2 weeks later I noticed my period never came, and again, forgot all about it. Then I started getting hot, very hot usually at night, will sweat, I'll put the air on HIGH and still sweat, and it was unusual since I am always cold, ALWAYS have a sweater on even if it's 80 degrees out. I thought I was going crazy, then I thought about my period, it never came. Well by the end of February I started experiencing burps, something else that I don't do frequently, I burped even when I wouldn't eat or drink anything, it was so frequent that I couldn't even hold a conversation always burping, it cooled down now, thank goodness, now all I get is little twitches, and a sharp pain here and there when I sleep. My boobs are normal, oh and defiantly increased discharge. I took two test and both were neg. but no period, I haven't been late in so long for it to just be one of my irregular moments. I try not to think about it much, I'm not stressed either, but it still crosses my mind. What do you guys think?
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replied March 5th, 2011
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Please go see your OBGYN to see what is going on with you. You may want to have your boyfriend go see a doctor as well. he may be a carrier of something.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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