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Freaking out after 4th gen test at 4 weeks!

Hello! I really need some advice.

Back on nov 5, 2018, I had protected vaginal sex with a woman (a friend of mine) who I met on Tinder (she uses the app frequently). The intercourse was very short and lame, so I pulled out like a minute after, without ejaculating, and the condom was still on and well used. However, I noticed blood on the condom's base and all over it, also on her tights and vagina.
She told me the reason for the bleeding was not her period but that she had thrombosis and was taking anticoagulant medication. So, even if I trusted her I went on and waited 5 to 10 minutes to finally remove the condom because I know HIV it does not survive well in the air, just to let the virus “die", just in case let’s suppose she had HIV. I removed it well, from the base up, without any significant contact with the tip of my penis.

After removing the condom, there goes the problem. I cleaned the base and the rest of my penis with a dry tissue and then I realized some of the blood or vaginal fluid from her could have made contact with the tip of my penis and enter the urethra via the mucous membrane, and I'm freaking out ever since!

She said she's clean and that she does not sleep with every guy, but nevermind I did a 4th generation duo test on December 5 (4 weeks after the intercourse) and it came back negative, and also tested negative for all kinds of STDs. So, why am I freaking out?
I can't think of anything else, the shame is too much, and even if that test came negative, I'm still worried sick that I have HIV. My questions:

1. Did I had any chance of getting HIV from the episode and by cleaning my penis afterwards with a tissue?
2. Is the negative HIV 4th generation duo performed on 4 weeks definitive?
3. Do I have to test again at 3 month mark (its been 10 weeks).
Thanks so much!
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