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Fratured Right Ankle... Leg Getting Cold?

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Hello All doctor ,
I really need some help and advise on my ankle there has been so much confusion about where i am and how much longer it's going to be like this??

Started end of October last year, My right foot got run over by 2.5 tons of stock on a pump truck. I was wearing steel toes capped boot but it the steel onto my toes (had alot of trouble getting off).
I went to A & E had an x-ray they said there is a fracture but it is old, just sent on my way.
I Really tried to work but cos it so painfull i couldn't bear it and i have a very high pain threashold.
About a week later i'm not sure i couldn't sleep or weight bear for that time i went to another A & E.
They saw the crack also but said it was more like soft tissues damage was causing the pain.
After casting it for about 2 months i kept complaining of hot intense pain once the cast removed, my foot was spotty and pink. A couple days later i went to my gp he said i had invection in the foot. Tendonisous? Stonge Antibiotic's given
My work paid for Physio as the hospital took 8 weeks to make an appointment. i did 8 sessions i only had 20% movement.
I now have had 8 weeks worth of sessions i can move it better but still in alot pain with mass swelling and discolouration.
Everytime i have fallen on it i have gone to hospital to make sure i haven't damage it further, no damage as far as they are conserned.

It's been 5 months now and i'm still having mass swelling and discolouration most pink and dark purple with white spot when i touch it!!, I have sharp and hot pains on the inside of my ankle (like someone put petrol in my ankle and liting it), the pains run from my inner ankle to my toes and up my calf sometime can't can't walk on it???

I used hot and cold compress's/ Foot bath with mild massage/ I do my physo 5 times a day/ and i massage my foot with anti brusing cream 1 once a day/ 3 times message with a leg stimulating cream to make sure i'm working out the scar tissue!
What more can i do to fix my ankle?
Is there sommething i'm not doing right?
What will it take to get this better?
I'm waiting for an MRI scan at the moment but i really need to get back to work. And get on with my life.
What can you recommend to do to get it sorted in under 3 months?
Please help me i'm 24 with the restriction of an 80 year old (no offence giggle )

In last couple of days even though im using my ankle (very painful) i'm finding it's ice cold to the touch and i'm having to warm my ankle up by hot water bottle and heat pack? and i've been moving but well rested?
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