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Fractured scaphoid? worried about CTS and arthritis?

Hi everyone,
i fractured my scaphoid a couple of weeks ago and I have had it in an short arm thumb spica cast for 4 weeks. My hospital only removes casts on Mondays and as a result I have scheduled my appointment for next monday. It was originally supposed to be in for 6 weeks but I am taking it off in 5 as I have exams on the 6,7, and 8th week's mondays. Do you think i should or should i wait? I've heard a lot of stories about the scaphoid never healing?? and i have a sharp pain in my scaphoid even now after 4 weeks - even though i have not taken very good care of this arm, I have carried shopping opened doors etc, but i thought becaue the thumb is isolated that it would not be a problem. i'm a teenager and im really scared and worried about CTS and arthritis? please help me, how do you think i should proceed and has anyone been in a similar situation?
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First Helper Georgios81

replied April 22nd, 2012
I feel the frustration
I know what your going through pal broke my scaphoid in mid march only to be diagnosed 5 weeks later, docs say 4-6 weeks in cast and 80-90% chance to be cured after I come out, but reading all these stories has me a little worried as I need to get back to my business ASAP. I could lose everything if this problem prolongs any longer than 6 weeks
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